Visa Guide: Canada Visa for Filipino Passport Holders

By Jeremy - Sunday, June 03, 2018

NOTE: Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, there may be some changes in VISA processing. Please refer to Canadian Embassy to the Philippines website for updated details.

jeremysdr: Canada Visa for Filipino Passport Holders

When it comes to job opportunities, Canada is one of the prime destination for Filipinos. But we can't deny that Canada also offers many places to visit for short vacation or trips. 

As a Filipino citizen with Philippine passport, we are required to secure a Canadian visa in order to visit Canada. This guide aims to help you secure a Canada tourist visa. As Canada offers different types of visa, this guide is focusing only for tourist visa application. For more information about the other types of visa that Canada offers, refer to the Canadian embassy website.

STEP 1: Complete the Requirements

1. Valid passport with at least 6 months validity.
2. Duly accomplished IMM5257 or the Application for Visitor Visa Form. This can be filled up digitally.
3. Duly accomplished Form 5645 or the Family Information Application for Temporary Resident Form. This can be filled up digitally.
4. 2 passport-sized photo. Frame size must be 35mm x 45mm and should be taken not more than 6 months old. For more photo specification needed, go to this link.
5. Proof of income and/or Proof of Financial Capability. This includes your current Income Tax Return, Certificate of Employment, Personal Bank Certificate and/or four-month worth of payslip (optional).
6. Travel history (stamps) and valid or expired visa from other countries.
7. Purpose of Travel indicated all of the information about your planned trip to Canada. You can take some ideas on this link.
8. Affidavit of Support or Invitation letter if someone else is shouldering your expenses for your Canada trip. You can take some ideas on this link.
9. Cover letter of your intent/explanation regarding your visit to Canada. This is an optional requirement.

STEP 2: Scan or take a photo of all the requirements

Scan and/or take a photo of all the collected requirements from Step 1. Make sure to include all the multiple page requirements in one file. For example, the Travel History and Proof of Financial Capability must be included in one .DOC, .PDF or .DOCX file. Make sure the size must not be exceeded to 4MB.

STEP 3: Apply online and upload the requirements. 

1. Create an account to CIC Canada website. Then create an account using GCKey. Click the SignUp button. Accept the terms and conditions and fill-up the required fields like fullname, desired username and etc.
2. Choose the "VISITOR VISA, STUDY AND/OR WORK PERMIT" button. There are series of questions that need to answer in order to validate your eligibility to obtain a visitor visa.
3. Upload your collected documents. Only .DOC, .PDF, .JPG, .PNG, .TIFF or .DOCX document types are accepted. Make sure that your files are not exceeding 4MB in size and each supporting documents must be attached as one file. Keep in mind that you have 30 days to complete and submit your application.

STEP 4: Pay the Visa Fee using credit card or debit card. 

All major cards are accepted most notably the following:

• Visa
• Mastercard
• American Express
The amount for tourist visa is 100 CAD or ~4000 PHP.

STEP 5: Wait for the status on the CIC website. 

You will know if there's an update on your application from time to time via email and SMS. You don't need to check the CIC website too often. When you are requested to submit your passport, your application is probably approved. But when your application is denied, there's nothing left to do but to reapply.

Walk-in Application 

You can also apply in-person and submit your documents/requirements personally at VFS Global Office. You can refer on this link for more details.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:

- Where is the Canadian Embassy office in Manila?
  • The Canadian Embassy is located at this address:
    • Level 6-8, RCBC Plaza Tower 2 1200, 6819 Ayala Ave, Makati, 1227 Metro Manila, Philippines
  • But Canadian Embassy designated an authorized travel agency to process all of it's visa concern, and it is the VFS Global Visa Application Center which is located in this address:
    • Mezzanine Floor, Ecoplaza Bldg.,, Don Chino Roces Ave Ext, Makati, Kalakhang Maynila, Philippines
- How much is the cost of applying for visa?
  • The Canadian tourist visa is 100 CAD or ~4000 PHP.
- How long will it takes to process the visa?
  • It's a case-to-case basis. Here is the timeline of my application.
Timeline of Application

May 1 - 11, 2018 - Completion of Requirements.
May 14, 2018 - Submission of Online Application
May 15, 2018 - Acknowledgement of Online Transmission
May 16, 2018 - Received an email regarding updates in my application
May 24, 2018 - Received an update that my application is approved and to submit passport to VFS office.
May 25, 2018 - Submitted passport to VFS office.
June 1, 2018 - Personally picked-up the passport.

jeremysdrworld: Visa Guide: Canada Visa for Filipino Passport Holders

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